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Originated in 1999 in Italy, the Winner of the NMMA Innovation Award for the “best technological innovation” at 2004 Miami Boat Show, Yacht Controller assists you to maneuver a boat on your own, and dock it with the greatest of ease, controlling & correcting its position at all times in complete safety for yachts of sizes from 28’ to over 150’.

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High Performance Marine Electronics for Powerboats

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The world’s best fishfinding electronics, helping anglers find and catch more fish.



B&G has been at the cutting edge of sailing innovation for 50 years. Whether you’re motivated by the thrill of your next race or a passion for cruising, our electronics are designed for you.
Our racing heritage gives us an unrivalled platform for developing new technology, which is put through its paces by the world’s best, in the most challenging conditions. You’ll find B&G powering Grand Prix victories and inspiring the adventures of cruising sailors.



The Boxfish ROV has a lightweight design, which offers easy deployment and operation with a crew of just two, from virtually any small boat without the need for further equipment. At just 23kg, it is easy to launch and recover by hand and operates down to 300m with an option to go to 1000m and beyond.



Dynamica gen-sets are manufactured in Italy. The product range, completely renovated in 2017, starts with the small and powerful MINI 40E, delivering 3,2kW as peak power rating. The other units in the range are the MINI 60E, the MINI 70E and the most powerful MINI 90E, delivering respectively peak power rating of 5,5, 7,1 and 9,6kW. Compact dimension and reliability are the main characteristics which Dynamica has kept when developing this new product range. An installation made by one of the expert engineers in our service network is highly recommended: a correct installation is the best guarantee of product quality and its performance along the times.



We’re proud to present Zipwake, the new, Dynamic Trim-Control System that’s set to revolutionise the boat world. Featuring an advanced, intuitive control system and a stunning new innovative design, Zipwake delivers a more comfortable ride, better performance and improved fuel consumption – whatever the conditions.

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